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What´s your favourite school subject?

What subjects are good at?

Answer the following survey.

Don´t forget to click on Submit.


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Click on this link and fill in the info required.


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Once that you know the basic places and data about culture and education in Rome and Greece is time to compare them.

Fill in the following grid with information from both texts.



Important monuments and buildings


Girls / women at school

Boys / men at school.

Subjects at school (boys)

Subjects at school (girls)


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Now that you know something about school in the UK and the USA it´s time for you to get more info about a US school.

Find the answers to the different questions in this webquest by clicking on the different links.

1. What´s the school name and what state is it in?

2. Name the different schools within the Grass Valley School District.

3. When did course 16-17 start? When will it finish?

4. When was Thanksgiving School Holidays in 2016?

5. What time is the school bus on service?  (From .... to....)

6. How much is breakfast and lunch - with additional milk - for a child for a whole week? 

7. Can children enter school before six years old? (If not specify birth year)

8. Magaret G. Cotton out of school programmes are for children between six and nine. (Say yes or no and correct)

9. The Director of the Special Education Department is a woman (Say yes or no and write name)

10. On the 132nd Donation Day they collected.

 a. money   b. toys  c. food  d school material


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Having a job is very important nowadays.

You´re going to listen to people talking about their first job.

Now you can listen Sarah and Adam talking about their first job.