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Did you know Chinese is the most widely spoken language in the world?

Do you know what´s number two on the list?     SPANISH!!!!!

Check on this map the countries where English is the first language.


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Now you should be able to locate the different buildings and monuments.

Let´s lear some basic info about them

Connect descriptions and names:

1.  The king Charles III commissioned architect Sabatini to construct a monumental gate through the city wall. It was started in 1774 and inaugurated four years later. There´s only one more example in Europe.

2.  It is the largest in the world. It´s been used for both shows and theatre. Vespasian ordered its construction which endured throughout 10 years. It´s represented in the Italian version of the 5 cents coin.

3.  It´s a temple dedicated to the maiden goddess Athena the matron deity of the city where you can see it. Some of its amazing sculptures were sold in 1816 to the British Museum where they still remain.

4.  In the beginning it was the headquarters of the City Hall and the Government. Now it´s the official residence of the Grand Duke. It´s the most famous of the 150 palaces and castles listed in this small country.

5.  It´s about 750 meters south of Centraal Station. On one side there´s the Royal Palace. On the other the National Monument, honouring victims of World War II. It´s named after the first dam built on the Amstel River in 1270.

6.  It´s inside the officially called the Elizabeth Tower which is 96 metres high. It´s the largest in the tower and has become a symbol for the whole country all over the world together with double´-decker buses.

7.  It´s dedicated to a fairy tale published in 1837. Its writer was born in Odense where you can see his home. Even Disney made a film out of it. The sculpture is made of bronze and placed by the sea.

8.  It´s very closed to the Reichstag building. It was inaccessible for many years up to 1989 when the wall was destroyed. Today is considered as a symbol of the European history, unity and peace.

9.  It was the tallest monument in the world from 1889 to 1930. It´s about 324 metres high and used as a radio broadcasting antenna. Together with the Big Ben is one of the most representative monuments in Europe. It´s made of iron and was built to commemorate the Exposition Universelle. It received its 250 millionth visitor three years ago.

10.  Constructed for the Expo 58 it contains escalators and a lift to allow access to five of its spheres which contain exhibit halls. CNN named it Europe´s most bizarre building.

11.  It´s an essential building for the history of its country. The structure was completed in three years for ₤ 50,000 according to Greek style. It served as the headquarters during the Easter Rising of 1916.

12.  It´s in the seventh most visited European city in Southern Europe and the oldest city in Western Europe. In the same year (1998) this city was the European Capital of Culture and organised the World Exposition.

A. Collosseum     B. Parthenon     C. Atomium    D. General Post Office     E. Big Ben   F. Damm Square    G. The Old Town    

H. Mermaid     I. Alcala Gate     J.  Grand Ducal Palace    K. Eiffel Tower    L. Brandenburgh Gate


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Now that you know some of the EU countries and their capital cities let´s do something different.

In pairs you have to create a ppt slide as follows:

      NAME (of capital city and Country + flag)




      TOUR:    Day 1:       

                     Day 2:

                     Day 3: 

   For the TOUR select info from the following website:    visitacity.com


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Here you are some video tests about London.

 Enjoy them!!!


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Welcome to part 3 of your MEGAQUEST, the simplest and shortest of all.

The name of one band is missing on the billboard at the entrance of your class. What band is it?