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Francisco de Goya y Lucientes is among the most famous painters worldwide.

What do you know about him?

This webquest will enlighten you. Enjoy it!!!

1. Francisco de Goya y Lucientes was born in             in                :

a. Fuendetodos / 1848  b Bordeaux / 1746  c Bordeaux / 1848  d Fuendetodos / 1746

2. This small town is about                    kms. from Zaragoza:

a. 35  b. 45  c. 44  d. 46

3. You can´t visit Goya´s birthplace on Monday:

a. true  b. false  c. with exceptions  d. none of them

4. How much do you have to pay for 26 student tickets:

a. 48€  b. 52£  c. 52€  d. 48£

5. In                     he studied painting at                     workshop:

a.  1746 / Francisco Bayeu    b. 1746/ José Luzán  c.1760/ José Luzán  d  1760 / Francisco Bayeu

6. He returned to Zaragoza from                    in                     .

a. 1771 / Italy    b. 1771/ Madrid  c. 1771/Zaragoza  d. 1771/Seville

7. In Zaragoza Goya painted the frescoes at the cupolas of  :

a. La Seo  b. El Pilar   c. La Lonja  d. La Aljafería

8. In               he became a member of the Royal Academy of San                :

a. 1746/Fernando  b. 1780/Bernardo  c. 1780/Fernando  d. 1780/Hernando

9. He was named court painter of the king Charles IV in                  :

a. 1788   b. 1789  c. 1790  d. 1799

10 In           he had an illness and went            .

a.  1729/deaf   b. 1792/ blind  c. 1729/ blind  d. 1792/deaf

11. In 1799 he published the

  a. Disasters of War  b. Caprichos  c. Tauromaquia  d. Black Paintings

12. From 1808 to 1814 Goya painted the 

  a. Disasters of War  b. Caprichos  c. Tauromaquia  d. Black Paintings

13.  In 1816 he published the

  a. Disasters of War  b. Caprichos  c. Tauromaquia  d. Black Paintings

14.  In 1824 he moved to          , France

  a. Paris  b. Bordeaux  c. Pau  d. Biarritz

15. He died there four years later, in

  a. 1826  b. 1827  c. 1828  d. 1829

16. Goya painted six collections of etchings (grabados in Spanish). Reorder their names chronologically:

  Copies of Velazquez  Caprichos   Disparates 

The Disasters of War  Tauromaquia  The Bulls of Bordeaux 










17. Copies of the four most important collections of etchings can be seen at Museo Goya in Zaragoza

How much will you pay for the tickets if you visit it with your class? (Consider 25 students and two teachers)

18. ¿A qué colecciones pertenecen los siguientes grabados de Goya?. Escribe títulos y números de grabado en el espacio correspondiente a cada colección.

Ya van desplumadas     Pobrecitas        Contra el bien general     

                    Que viene el coco                Que valor!                   Aun podrán servir  

Ysele quema la casa                  Lo mismo en otras partes         



Los Desastres de la Guerra 



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How do you talk about the future in English?

What different possibilities are there?

Watch this video about the FOUR futures in English?

Read this info on how to form the future with will /be going to + infinitive

Do this exercises for practise


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What´s your dream job? What does this person do?

Fill in the blanks with information about yourself and other people.

Now I´m going to talk about my dream job.

At school my favourite subject is                       .

I´m also good at                       and                                              .

When I´m older I´d like to be a                           because he / she                                   .

My friend  wants to be a                               because he / she wants to                                            .

My mother / father is a                                          . He / she                                          .


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After having been practising with the previous forms  now you´re going to make your own form.

Now it´s going to be about dream jobs.

Follow these steps:

1. Sign up into JOTFORM

2. Click on SIGN UP and register

3. Once you´ve got your USERNAME and PASSWORD click LOGIN to start.

3. Creat a form as shown in class using: Basic fields, quick fields and survey fields.

4. Publish your form.

5. Copy the link and paste it into an email.

6. Send the email to english4life2404@gmail.com. Subject of the email: your names + dream job form.


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What´s your favourite school subject?

What subjects are good at?

Answer the following survey

Don´t forget to click on Submit.