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INTRODUCING YOURSELF. Reading comprehension

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Read the following letter. Then choose the correct option for the different questions:

     Hi, how are you?.

     My name is Craig and I´m ten years old.

    I am English because I was born in England, but I am also British because England is part of Great Britain and is in the UK.

     I live in a typical English family. I have a father, mother and a sister and we all live together in our house in a town in the south east corner of England. At the back of our house we have our garden where I play with my sister.

     My family has a car, a computer, a colour telly with dvd, a washing machine, dishwasher and a cat. Mum and dad both have mobile phones and I am hoping to get one soon.

     The day starts at about 7 o'clock when Dad and mum get up. My sister and I usually watch telly in our pyjamas (night clothes) until breakfast. We have breakfast at 8 o' clock.

     I like to eat Rice Krispies (cereal) and jam on toast. I also drink a glass of milk. My mum usually only has toast, a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee. Dad likes to have a fried breakfast consisting of baked beans, bacon, tomatoes,mushrooms, two eggs and a sausage

     After breakfast, my sister and I, put on our school uniform. I wear grey trousers, a white shirt and a blue sweat shirt.

     My favourite subjects at school are science and history. My favourite topic in history is learning about the ancient Egyptians. I also enjoy PE  lessons - we play football, netball, cricket and sometimes we go cross-country running.

What about you?

Write soon.


1. He studies grade

  a) three   b) four   c) five  d) six

2. He is from:

a) Ireland   b) Wales  c) Scotland  d) NOrthern Ireland

3. He lives in a:

 a) flat   b) apartment   c) hut   d( house

4. He

a) has one brother   b) is an only child   c) has a sister  d) has one brother and one sister

5. He already has a mobile

a) Yes  b) NO

6. He has breakfast at:

a) Seven  b) seven thirty  c) eight  d) nine

7. His home has:

 a) a garden  b) a garage   c) a playground   d) a swimming pool

8. He doesn´t wear a school uniform:

  a) True   b) False

9. In his family, who eats the English breakfast?

  a) Mum   b) his sister  c) Craig  d) Dad

10.  His favourite subjects are:

 a) PE and Science   b) HIstory and PE  c) Science and History   d) History and Sports

INTRODUCING YOURSELF. Reading comprehension.

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Read the following letter and then choose the correct option each of the following questions.

Dear Michael:

     I was very glad to receive your letter. You asked me how I spent my holidays.

     Well, I did many different things. I swam in the pool and played some sports with my friends. We also went to beautiful places by bike and had picnics there.

     I also went to the cinema and the mountains.

    My parents rented a cottage in the French Pyrinees and we wen trekking and climbed some mountains.

    We saw amazing places and lakes.

    In August we went to Cyprus. We spent two weeks there going to the beach everyday and visiting many interesting sites. The only problem was that it was far too hot for me there.

    How about your summer holidays? Did you have fun?

   I hope you had a wonderful summer too!!

   Sorry but I have to leave now. My mum needs some help at home.

   Looking forward hearing from you.

   All the best.


1. He´s writing to:

    a) Michael    b) Tom    c) Peter     d) John

2. They spent part of their holidays in:

   a) Spain      b) France    c) Switzerland   d) Turkey

3. They also visited a country whose capital city is:

  a) Ankara    b) Madrid     c) Nicosia    d) Valletta

4.  He stayed there for:

 a) one week    b) two weeks   c) three weeks   d) a month

5. At home he:

a) helps    b) doesn´t help

6. He didn´t ....... with his friends

a) go abroad    b) go to the cinema   c) have picnics   d) play sports

7. In the mountains they stayed in:

a) a hut    b) a detached  c) a tent   d) a cottage

8. In the Pyrinees he:

a) went trekking   b) skied   c) went hunting  d) skated

9. The weather on the beach was:

  a) cold   b) warm  c) hot  d) too hot

10. He wants Michael to write back:

  a) Yes   b) No


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Through the use of this blog as a learning tool SS will develop the different skills:

- Direct access to digital materials to improve their Communicative Competence in the English language.

- Availabililty of materials worked in the classroom at their own ease.

- Direct use of the English language to communicative in real time with the teacher and share their experiences using the blog with other classmates.


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- To help SS use the internet as an updated learning tool

- To involve SS actively in the use of a blog as a means of direct communication.

- To promote the use of multidisciplinary digital materials to bridge the gap between the SS and their mastery of the English language as an alive means of communication between people.


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You´ve already been sightseeing in London and visited some of its most representative buildings and monuments.

Now you have to choose one of them and create a PPT.

These are the contents of your slide:

Name of the monument/ building (with link to its official website)



Opening and closing times

Admission fees

How to get there (closest underground stations and lanes)

Your names and class